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Facial Balancing

Facial balancing with fillers typically involves strategically injecting dermal fillers into various areas of the face to create symmetry, restore volume, and enhance proportions. It's commonly used to address issues like asymmetry, sunken areas, or disproportionate features.

The aim is to correct imbalances, enhance your features, and bring everything into harmony for a better overall look. This approach may include working on areas like your cheeks, lips, chin, or jawline to achieve a natural and cohesive appearance for more youthful balanced look.

Our excellent injectors will carefully assesses your face during a consultation first and then will develops a personalized plan for you.

Our main goal is to reduce wrinkles, add volume where needed, and refine your facial contours in order to give you a refreshed and balanced appearance. Given the customization, this treatment will generally take multiple sessions and involve a long-term approach. Sometimes balancing will be a nice blend of fillers and Toxs.

Facial Balancing Highlights include:

  • Contouring of the lips

  • Adding volume to sunken areas

  • Smooth lines, creases, and folds

  • Defining the jawline and firm jowls

  • Restoring plumpness and skin texture

  • Lifting the cheeks

  • Balancing facial contours

  • Reducing acne scarring and pigmentation

  • Correcting skin laxity

Let's put some time aside to schedule your consultation to achieve your own DESIRED BALANCE!


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